Buying a new home is the single largest investment you can make in your life.  It can be one of the most stressful situations, but I am here to help.  The information below is designed to help relieve the stress and make your life easier throughout the home buying experience.  Because, when done right, it can be one of the best days of your life.  Nothing feels better than finding the perfect home.

First Steps

Pre-Qualification:  Meet with a mortgage broker to see how much you can afford.  Don't hesitate or be afraid to ask questions, it helps to be as informed as possible.  

Pre-Approval:  Now that you know how much you can afford, this step gives you confirmation from a lender on how much you are able to spend.   This will allow you to research properties within your budget and once you start working with a Realtor, it will allow you to find your dream home that fits with you financially.

Finding the RIGHT Realtor:  With home buying being such a large investment, it is key that you work with a Realtor you trust.  That may come by way of referral from someone you personally trust, or you may start working with a Realtor and grow to trust them. I am always trying to go above and beyond my clients expectations.  I strive to always be there for my clients and make them the most informed buyers.

I have come up with a list of questions that help me get to know my buyers, which will allow me to be able to find them the best house within their budget.

1.       Motivation and/or reason for buying a house?

2.       Are you working with a lender/pre-approved?

3.       What monthly mortgage payment amount are you comfortable with? 

4.       Do you understand the costs associated with buying a home? 

5.       What are your needs vs. your desires in a home? 

6.       What are your 3 favourite neighbourhoods? 

7.       What is your favourite room in the house? 

8.       What is a deal breaker for you? 

9.       Are you handy/enjoy DIY fixing? 

10.   What if we found the perfect house tomorrow? 

11.   How do you prefer to be contacted?


Putting in an offer:  Allow me to draw up and present your offer.  You will already be very informed on what needs to be done in order to get an accepted offer and I will work with you every step of the way through the negotiating process.  

Removing Subjects:  A subject is a condition on the purchase of your home such as financing, home inspection, or insurance. Using your best efforts to remove each subject in your offer by the stated date,  I will work with you to ensure each of the subjects get removed on time so that you have a successful unconditional offer. 


Working with Lawyer/Notary:  I will ensure you have all necessary documentation required for when you go and see your lawyer/notary.

Costs associated with buying a home:  The link to the right does a great job detailing all the costs associated with buying a home. This needs to be part of your overall budget when you are looking at buying a new home.

Moving Day:  I know no one likes moving, and whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it, once you are done and fully moved in to your new place you'll know that it was all worth it.  I will be there personally to hand you the keys to your new home!